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I’m a Brazilian Illustrator and Graphic Designer. I’ve been drawing since I’m a little kid. In school, my science books were all doodled over. I used to finish my homework as soon as I could, so I had more time for drawing super heroes and monsters. Then I attended to a Design college at UnB in Brasilia, my hometown. Drawing started to get more importance in my life and I enjoyed that.


Initially, my career path went through advertising agencies. I’ve worked as Art Director and Creative Director for over 13 years. It was fun and I learned a lot from many amazing people that I met in this market. I never stopped drawing though. I kept it as a hobby on my free time.


In 2013 I moved to Boulder, Colorado in the U.S. to work as a Creative for CP+B. I was excited with my life experience living abroad, so I started a side project: My Drawn Diary. I documented my life in the U.S. doodling in the same piece of paper for over 2 years.


In 2016 I realized that I shouldn’t keep working for advertising agencies anymore. I wanted to do my own thing. So I moved back to Brazil and put lots of effort and love on my illustrator side. Today illustration is more than a side project. It’s my career. And I love it.



• Jury on Red Bull Doodle Art Contest 2023

• Speaker on Wacom Academy 2021

• Speaker on Pixel Show 2020

• El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2020 // Bronze


• Lürzer's Archive // Selected to

"200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" Book


• Winner on Nest Illustration Contest 2017


• Featured on Behance // Illustration X 2 // Graphic Design X 2 // InDesign X 1 // Fashion X 1


• Featured Artist on Postal Parade 2017 Art Exhibit


AI-AP Latin American Ilustración 6 // Winner


• Amarula Featured Artist on

Elephant Parade Sao Paulo 2017


Cannes Lions // Direct Bronze (as photo retoucher)


Spoleto's plate design contest 2016 // Winner

• Red Bull Art of Can 2015 // Finalist and

featured at Philadelphia Exhibit

• Outdoor Advertising Association Awards 2014 // Gold

• Creativity-Online X 2

• Act Responsible 2013 // 1st Place

• Show Up Press X 2

• Prêmio Abril 2011 // Silver Tree (Print)

• Jorge Salim Brasília 2007 //

Graphic Designer of the Year

• ADEGRAF 2002 // Poster Design of the Year

• Colunistas Brasília //  1 X GP, 8 X Gold, 8 X Silver,

14 X Bronze



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